Hilltop Jamboree 2015 is Around the Corner!!!

Hilltop Jamboree 2015 General Flyer


HILLTOP Jamboree, Carnival at Barton Hall, Cornell University

What: NSMH Hilltop Jamboree
When: March 8th, 2014 noon-5pm
Where: Barton Hall, Cornell University
Why: To give back to the Local Community and Fun for the Kids!

Attend Hilltop Jamboree

Hilltop Jamboree 2013 Flier


The Hilltop Jamboree is back again for its eighth straight year! The Hilltop Jamboree is a carnival hosted by the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality, Cornell chapter for the benefit of the Ithaca community and its youth.

All proceeds from the event are donated to a local community organization dedicated to the uplift of the community. Last year, the funds were donated to United Way. This year, 2013, all proceeds from the event will again be donated to United Way, Tompkins County! Don’t be afraid to drop a few dollars more as a donation if you can.

All Proceeds From This Event Go To…

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The United Way of Tompkins County has thrived for 90 years with the help of the surrounding Tompkins County community. Each small donation has added up to produce big results for the residents of Tompkins County. Below is a snapshot of what this organization has been able to accomplish in its wonderful 90 years:

Free Tax Preparation and Financial Services Fair

Ticket to Work Program
Providing steady employment for disabled citizens

2011-2012 Community Care Fund Investments Program

Basic Needs – $31,885 for food pantries, food programs and personal care items
Child Care/Early Learning – $149,865 for daycare subsidies, summer camps and after-school programs
Crisis Services – $174,410 for domestic violence prevention, homeless services, suicide crisis line and 2-1-1 information and referral
Financial Stability/Building Self-Sufficiency – $173,485 for job training, home repair for seniors and people with low-income, and youth outreach
Health/Environment – $243,500 for family & children’s mental health, transportation for seniors and people with disabilities, and recreation and wellness programs
Seniors – $15,090 for activities for seniors
Youth – $144,365 for teen pregnancy/parenting programs, summer camps and recreation programs

Youth and Philanthropy

Day of Action

Grants & Programs

Community Care Fund
Ithaca College United Way Philanthropy Corps Grants
Fall & Spring Hunger & Food Security Grants
Focus on Community Understanding  Service Grants
Student Engagement
T. Merrell Shipherd Flexible Fund
Urgent Rx Prescription
Youth & Philanthropy

Community Care: Youth

The Advocacy Center of Tompkins County
Child Development Council
Danby Community Council
Enfield Community Council
Greater Ithaca Activities Center
Girl Scouts of NY PENN Pathways
Groton Community Council
The Learning Web
Newfield Community Council
Southside Community Center
Ulysses Community Council
YMCA of Ithaca and Tompkins County
Brooktondale Community Center
Child Development Council
Danby Community Council
Drop-In Children’s Center
Dryden Community Council
Franziska Racker Centers
Freeville Community Council
Groton Community Council
Lansing Community Council
McLean Community

Crisis Services

The Advocacy Center
American Red Cross, Tompkins County Chapter
Community Dispute Resolution Center
Human Services Coalition
Neighborhood Legal Services Tompkins Tioga
Suicide Prevention and Crisis Service

Financial Stability/Building Self-Sufficiency

Better Housing for Tompkins County
Child Development Council
Community Council Newsletters
Danby Community Council
FingerLakes Independence Center
Human Services Coalition
The Learning Web
McLean Community Council
Opportunities, Alternatives, & Resources
Tompkins Learning Partners
Women’s Opportunity Center


Danby Community Council
Dryden Community Council
Greater Ithaca Activities Center
Lansing Community Council

And, since I don’t want this post to go on for too long, you can check out the rest of what United Way has done in the past, what it’s doing in the present, and what it’s plans are for the future on their website. After you’ve done all that, make sure you come out to the Hilltop Jamboree Carnival to make a small contribution to a larger cause.